Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jer 51-52
The destruction of judah by babylon. Gret detail was given on how they destroyed the temple. I think of all the labor and riches that went into it. How sad it must have been to see it torn to pieces! Sadly though they were warned..they had long forsaken, you whom the temple was built for. I think of how it relates to our body the temple. Its no wonder our bodies are destroyed when we forsake you who keeps us clean and from destruction.
By the same token i was encouraged by this telling of history. I am so glad you weren't destroyed when the temple was. You are still alive and reign. You are some lifeless statue or building--you are a real living saviour! And when i do find my temple in need of repairs, you can help me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jer 6-9
Abba You are the King of metaphors...literally. LOL I noticed some great ones tonight while reading. "Break up your fallow gorund" Whata perfect pictire of our hearts. I think of my garden (actually it's more of a weed bed) it's pretty dispicable. It's so overgrown with really needs an overhaul of the ground broken up. It's a breeding ground for weeds due to the root system its lavished underneath the soil. If I tried to plant something nre to grow, I'm sure the weeds would choke it out. So true with my christian life. I can try to implement something good, but if my heart is not prepared to "grow" it--little cahnce there will be of it taking root. Abba help me to weed out and clean up to put good things in.
Another metaphor kinda similar "circumcize the foreskin of your heart". I understand now why circumcision was important in the life of the Jew. It was a picture to say he was open and clean. Foreskin I think of as a barrier...a coating that keeps things out, but it should not be that way with my heart and the Lord. Abba, here is my heart...take it help it to be open and receptive of whatever You want.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Have Seen Thy Tears

Oh man! I have so much that I have learned in the last few days from Bible reading and circumstances that I feel like my cup is so full that I must spill it out before I can gather more to fill it. :)
Yesterday, a friend was relaying her excitement about the LORD opening up and unexpected door after it seemingly seemed that all doors were closed. She was content and at peace with the doors being shut, though, if that was God's will. It so reminded me of the many times You did that for me, LORD. I was searching, searching, and searching trying to find Your will (well actually Your will than conveniently coincided with what I wanted to be Your will). I would always have a "worst door" situation that I didn't want to go through, but it wasn't until I had completely surrendered to going through that "worst door" that You then showed me what You wanted and often it ended up being what I wanted in the first place. It reminds me of the story of Abraham surrendering Issac. He was willing to do the "worst" to show his obedience and love for You, but it wasn't Issac that You wanted. You wanted to see in action Abraham's heart of obedience and strong devotion. I was trying to remember all the times I was put in the "worst door" dilemma...when I was deciding to stay or go after graduation, when I decided to come home after being in Indiana, when You showed me who I was going to marry. Abba, help m ealways to be open to the "worst door" situation to show that I still love You and that I still believe that You are in control.

Next overflowing...Hezekiah...I was so impressed when I was reading about him last night. It's amazing how he had Your ear God. He was told he was going to die by Isaiah the prophet. After he left the room it says that Hezekiah cried and prayed to You and before Isaiah could even leave the house You tell Isaiah
2 Kings 20:5
Turn again, and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people, Thus saith the LORD, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee:..

Wow! What a quick answer to prayer, but I also love the way this shows how personal You are. "I have seen thy tears." God, that's comforting to know that You see me cry. To know some one has tears down their face, You have to stare at them. You have to watch them for some time to even notice. Abba, thank You for not only seeing my tears like Hezekiah but also "hearing" and responding to my tears. You are so gentle and so kind. I love You so much!!