Sunday, November 28, 2010

On myself and pleasing You.
Romans 14-16
My Dangerous Potential Pitfall

Paul reminds the Romans of the importance of not judging other men and their actions like eating meat, etc. Each one does it into the Lord. Each one is us just give an account unto the Lord. Our actions though must not be a stumblingblock for others also. So often I can get caught up in how people behave as far as dress, celebrations, etc, but as Your Word says..."the kingdom of God is not in meat and drink but of righteousness, joy and peace. My mental energy us much more well spent and pleasing to when I focus

Friday, November 26, 2010

Romans 8-11
Two options
carnally minded or spiritually minded
live after the flesh or live after the Spirit
I was thinking about myself and reflected to see if I am spiritually minded or more carnally minded and realizing that I can't be both or in the middle, but yet I can't dat say that I'm completely spiritually minded all the time or vice versa. Then I realized that what it is talking about is every action and thought. When I eat more than I should I am living after the flesh. When I choose to play a game instead if read my Bible- carnal. But when I consciously choose to do what the Holy Spirit says, I'm living after Him. I must admit its tough business to do that. But thats why I need Him so much. You would think that constantly being into subjection to Him would be bondage, but quite the contrary. It's life and peace.
So I want to have more Spirit led moments instead of flesh led moments in a day, an hour, a minute for that matter.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Acts 21-23
Paul is urgent to go to Jerusalem though many if his friends implore him not to for fear that he will be bound by them. Paul responds by saying not only is he ready to be bound but even to die in Jerusalem. What determination! He is ei focused on what God has called him to do, the dangers are irrelevant.
Paul does go to Jerusalem and does end up being imprisoned and if not for him being a Roman, he would have been killed.
Paul didn't care about offending people. He cared mire about spreading the Truth and telling his testimony.
It is often through trials and injustice that a Christian voice is loudest and most effective.
Paul has certainly challenged me to be more bold and resolved to do what He's called me to do.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello again all you faithful readers of my blog. LOL yeah I'm sure there's lots.
Where have I been you asked? Well I guess I just found another avenue fit journaling for a bit. I actually kinda like the variety. It keeps things interesting. Since I've been reading my Bible more in the nighttime lately, I thought I would go back to blogging. It helps me to force me to think s little harder on what I have read. Besides, if I can stay awake to play scrabble on my phone, I can certainly blog and meditate on God's awesome word.
Tonight I read in Acts, and it's truly amazing thinking snout what Paul went through. His life was certainly no walk in the park. He was constantly under attack and facing major confrontations. He had so much boldness it's convicting! Every move he made he was always trying to make sure that's where God wanted him.
Me too, I should have that urgent sense of who and where God wants me.