Thursday, December 23, 2010


Matthew 1-2

Talk about extreme insecurity. When Herod heard of Jesus' birth, he was on an immediate mission to kill him. When the wise men mocked him by not bringing word of where this Christ child was so he could "worship" him. He ordered that all the children 2 years and under to be killed. He felt threatened by a baby. He thought he could destroy what had been prophesied by the prophets hundreds of years ago.
I considered all those mothers whose babies were slaughtered because of the wrath and jealously of Herod. What was their reaction to Christ? Was it pure anger toward Herod or to God too because had not Jesus been born at that time their children's lives would have been spared. Herod, too, had no prejudice as to whom should be killed. So their religion or social status had no bearing.

My observations to this....

1. Have my emotions often destroyed those who were "in the way"? A bad attitude whether it's jealousy, anger, depression, etc. can often spill over to others that have nothing to do with the situation. No, I'm physically killing anyone, but I could be hurting someone by not giving a smile or saying a kind word because I'm "not in the mood".
2. Though it wasn't God's plan to have all those babies killed, He knew it was going to happen. Those families had no choice to the circumstance, but they had a choice in their attitude or reaction. Their circumstance could drive them to God or drive them away from God. I really have no clue as to their reactions, but I figure peoplen are much the same across generations and cultures. It was downright not fair for them to lose their babies, but for some reason this is what God allowed. I must remember this when persecution or difficult times come though they are unfair and completely unjust because of an unrighteous person, God has allowed it. The circumstance can drive me to Him or away from Him. The reaction part IS my choice.

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